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Photography by Gaby Fling

All Fling visuals on this website are made by www.gabysfling.com. Gaby is born in Amsterdam June 1975. She started autodidact and all on intuition with her perfect eye for framing since 2004. 

Fling Stones Boutique

You are welcome in our private boutique by appointment in Amsterdam.

Send us an email to contact@flingstones.com to schedule your appointment and indulge the mediterranean flair.


Gaby Fling creator of the House of Fling, born in Amsterdam. With a deeply passionate nature and endless creativity she is always evolving. After working as a stylist at Ralph Lauren and Elle Magazine, she transformed herself into an autodidact photographer. With a perfect eye for framing Gaby’s seductive work celebrating strong women is internationally known.

As a little girl Gaby spent her holidays in the South of France, astonished by the sun kissed women around her wearing mesmerizing jewelry and bijoux. Combining incredible statement pieces with their bikinis to go to the beach or when strolling around the small villages. Big, colourful stones that sparkled in the sun, cuffs and bangles that tinkled when they moved. 

This playfulness and sensuality is something Gaby still longs for back home in Amsterdam. Inspired by these women who are daring enough to highlight their femininity. Combined with a history of three generations of goldsmiths in her family, is how the idea of Fling Stones originated.