Warranty & Repair

All Fling Stones jewelry items are subject to a 2-month warranty from the date of purchase to cover any manufacturing errors.
Your jewelry will be repaired or replaced free of charge, provided the defect is covered by the warranty terms.
Keep in mind that jewelry needs to be handled with care and that our warranty does not apply in any of the following situations.

☆ damage as a result of normal use (wear damage)
☆ (too) high acidity of the skin (which may result in discoloration of the jewelry)
☆ staining by water, perfume, soap, lotion, hair spray or chemicals
☆ repair/adjustment of the jewelry by an external party

Please note that in order for the warranty to be valid you will have to return to us your faulty item in  full in order to receive a replacement.

We offer a repairs service (this also includes plating for discolored jewelry) outside of the warranty or where there is no proof of purchase. This depends on the work required and will be evaluated on assessment. These services will be at your cost. You will first receive a price quote from us. Until you approve this quote, the repair will not be carried out and the item may be returned to you unrepaired if necessary.
Are you interested in our repair or plating service, please send an email to contact@flingstones.com. After we receive the jewelry, we will process their return within 10-14 working days and have them sent back to you as good as new.