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House of Fling

Gaby Fling

Gaby Fling, born in Amsterdam, is the creator of the House of Fling. Her deeply passionate nature and endless creativity encourage her to keep evolving. After working as a stylist at Ralph Lauren and Elle Magazine, she transformed herself into a self-taught photographer. Gaby’s eye for framing has made her work celebrating strong women internationally known.

As a little girl, Gaby spent her holidays in the South of France. She was astonished by the sunkissed women around her, wearing the most mesmerizing bijoux. They combined incredible statement pieces with bikinis as they went to the beach or strolled through the villages. Big, colorful stones that sparkled in the sun’s light; cuffs and bangles that tinkled as they moved.

Gaby has longed for these playful and sensual elements back home in Amsterdam, having continued to be inspired by the women daring enough to express their femininity. This, paired with the four generations of goldsmiths that came before her, encouraged Gaby to found Fling Stones.

Fling Stones

Fling Stones is an expressive costume jewelry brand that creates iconic statement pieces, all made in Europe. It is inspired by the vintage glamour of crazy Beverly Hills and Formentera’s intrinsic sexy energy. We travel the globe with an observant eye, selecting hidden gems in the process.

Our evergreen collection is eclectic, yet carefully curated. The War of Roses belt sends a provocative message. A true connection is expressed with our Love collection. All of our pieces are iconic and are inspired by our journeys.

At Fling Stones, we want to spread the Mediterranean flair and empower women to be their authentic selves, to feel free and flirtatious.

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